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 Rules and Regulations

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AAO Crazy HQ
AAO Crazy HQ

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PostSubject: Rules and Regulations   Fri Nov 30, 2012 5:53 am


Last revised on 05/30/13

Forum Rules:
1. No obscene or questionable material allowed (pornographic material, drug related material, etc).
2. No spamming or over posting.
3. Post in the appropriate forum channel.
4. Members must post on the website at least once every two weeks and must visit the website at least once every week. Failure to do so will result in disciplinary action.

For Recruits:
1. You must have your clan tag as [AAO], first time being caught without it is a warning, second time your recruit status will be revoked.
2. You may not be associated with any other clans (ie. play in clan matches, be in any other clans, etc.)
3. You have a 2 week probation period. In that time, to gain membership status you must play with us, communicate with us on the clan page, and show good character and sportsmanship. If you do not show enough effort to participate with AAO, your membership will be revoked.
4. To gain immediate membership, you may change your gamertag to "AAO yourname yoursquad". Always let an Admin know first if you wish to do this as we must decide what squad we will place you in first. Doing this will promote you to Private (allowing you to gain membership and skip Private Second Class) immediately as well as grant you squad enterance and is highly recommended. Recruits chosen to be squad leaders that change their gamertag will be promoted to Corporal.
5. AAO is for mature 18+ adults only. We will make exceptions on a case by case basis. If we feel you are not a good fit for us due to maturity level than you will not be granted membership.
6. Disrespect to Officers will result in immediate removal from the clan, no exceptions.

1. Promotions will be posted on the 1st of every month.
2. Members caught wearing the incorrect rank on their gamertag will be subject to disciplinary action.
3. Headquarters squad is the only squad with members that are allowed to promote another member.
4. Members may be promoted and/or demoted at any time for any given reason.
5. There is a check list you must complete to be eligible for promotion.

Chain of Command:
Generals>Admins>Squad Leaders>Co-Squad Leaders>Members>Recruits
1. Failure to correctly follow the chain of command is subject to disciplinary action.
2. If a member has a problem with their squad leader, see if you can resolve said issue with the squad leader before going to an admin.
3. If you have a problem with your direct higher up (EXAMPLE: Member has problem with squad leader) you may skip that level of command and proceed with your issue to the next level of command (in the example, it would be an admin) but only after you have consulted with your squad leader first.

For Squads:
1. You must have your squad members added as a friend on XBL.
2. You must comply with the requests of your co-leader and squad leader.
3. You must participate in squad tournaments. If you can not make the specified time for your squad's match time, you must contact your squad leader and let him/her know ahead of time.
4. Squad leaders may lose their squad leader role at any given time for any given reason . The squad leader role will therefor be reassigned to another member of said squad.

1. No trash talking other players. No exceptions. If someone is trash talking you, mute them. First time will be a warning, second time will be demotion in rank, third time will result in a suspension of participating in clan functions, fourth time will result in banning from the clan.
2. No sexism. No sexual harassment to females over XBL game chat or pary chat. First time will be a warning, second time will be demotion in rank, third time will result in a suspension of participating in clan functions, fourth time will result in banning from the clan.
3. No yelling or saying profanity at other clan members. Although the game can get exciting and clan mates that make a mistake can be frusterating, we must strive for excellence in controling our behavior. First time will be a warning, second time will be demotion in rank, third time will result in a suspension of participating in clan functions, fourth time will result in banning from the clan.
4. No cheating or modding. Cheating in any way, shape, or form will result in immediate removal from the clan.
5. Treat all clan members with respect. Treat others as you wish to be treated.
6. No racism. Its understood that racial jokes can be funny given certain circumstances, but ultimately we would appreciate it if race was kept out of any bashing.
7. No bragging or putting your "skills" in other peoples faces. (WRONG EXAMPLE: "F*** you guys, my K/D is 8.23 and yours is only 0.39. You f***ing suck!" RIGHT EXAMPLE: "Dang, did you guys see my score in that game?! I was 27-1!! I kicked *** in that game!)
8. You must register for AAO on ELITE. Search "Alpha and 0mega" (the O in 0mega being a zero).

Competitive Play:
1. No messing around on the mics, this is serious time when we are representing AAO and our skills.
2. Have good sportsmanship.
3. Keep calm, even if you are losing. Statistics show that you play better when you are calm rather than angry.
4. You must request to play in a clan ladder against another clan.
5. You must register for your squads MLG team. K/D and SPM have no requirement.
6. You may not play on any other squad's MLG team.
7. Only members with a K/D of 2.00 and/or an SPM of 450 or more may play on the AAO MVP MLG team.
6. You must register for MLG and join Alpha and 0mega (the O in 0mega being a zero) on the site to be put on the roster and be eligible for clan matches. (

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Rules and Regulations
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