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 Interests of Deadly !

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AAO Deadly S

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PostSubject: Interests of Deadly !   Tue Jul 09, 2013 1:12 pm

Oh where to start:
1. I enjoy long walks on the beach in the blistering sun with an ice cold beer by my side.
2. I enjoy being the support in sports: defense in basketball, defense in soccer, cover fire/scout for paintball.
3. I grew up listening to countless genres of music, which got me my love for music. I've played drums for 4 years (full kits, as well as African style), guitar for 2 years, recorder for 1 year. I've played back-up snare in Air Cadets, as well as cymbals, tried learning the glockenspiel but no way was I going to learn a hold-up xylophone!
4. I've been gaming since I was the age of 2, no joke. Mom used to tell me about when I was the age of 3 I could already beat her when playing 2 player Mario on the SNES! (For those who don't know, being everyone, my mom when I was 3 would've been 19!).
5. Writing, something I hated doing in school, but later realized it was a relatively easy way to vent to myself without annoying other people. Poems/Songs, Short Stories, etc.
6. ...Spending money? Is this a hobby? I think it could be. Well, I have this horrible habit of spending money on things I don't necessarily need! Who would've known? I think a lot of us have this problem lol

I'mma cut it short though, this seems plenty for now! Very Happy Enjoy Wink
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Interests of Deadly !
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