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AAO Dynasty HQ
AAO Dynasty HQ

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PostSubject: Current Roster   Fri Nov 30, 2012 7:30 am

*Headquarters Squad*
[GoA]AAO Dynasty HQ
[GoA]AAO Crazy HQ
[GoA]AAO Scout HQ
[BG]AAO WtfJerky HQ
[COL]AAO Desolate HQ
[MAJ]AAO Klawatts HQ
[CPT]AAO Dragon HQ

*Delta Squad*
Squad Admin: [GoA]AAO Crazy HQ
Squad Leader: [MSG]AAO Big Ricc D
Co-Squad Leader:
Squad Member: [CPL]AAO Archer D
Squad Member: [SPC]AAO Dante D
Squad Member: [PFC]AAO BooBoo D
Squad Member:

*Stingray Squad*
Squad Admin: [CPT]AAO Dragon HQ
Squad Leader:
Co-Squad Leader: [SPC]AAO Zxtreme10 S
Squad Member:  [SPC]AAO HEDAKE S
Squad Member: [PFC]AAO Slam66 S
Squad Member: [CPL]AAO Lucario S
Squad Member: [CPL]AAO Deadly S
Squad Member: [CPL]AAO RoyalTee S

*Firestorm Squad*
Squad Admin: [COL]AAO Desolate HQ
Squad Leader: [SSG]AAO Kakarot FS
Co-Squad Leader:
Squad Member: [SGT]AAO Turbo FS
Squad Member:
Squad Member: [SGT]AAO Badger FS
Squad Member:

*Ghost Squad*
Squad Admin: [GoA]AAO Crazy HQ
Squad Leader: [SFC]AAO Beardie G
Co-Squad Leader: [SSG]AAO Becker G
Squad Member: [MSG]AAO Arrow G
Squad Member: [SPC]AAO Shade G
Squad Member: [SGT]AAO KimpJuice G
Squad Member: [SPC]AAO Dub Skis G

*Viper Squad*
Squad Admin: [GEN]AAO Scout HQ
Squad Leader: [SMoA]AAO Psykopath V
Co-Squad Leader: [SFC]AAO Daze V
Squad Member: [SSG]AAO Godsmack V
Squad Member: 
Squad Member:
Squad Member:
Squad Member:
Squad Member:

*Sidewinder Squad*
Squad Admin: [GEN]AAO Scout HQ
Squad Leader: [SSG]AAO Magz SW
Co-Squad Leader: 
Squad Member: [SFC]AAO Pluto SW
Squad Member:
Squad Member: [PV2]AAO Astro SW
Squad Member: [PV2]AAO Lazer SW
Squad Member: [PV2]AAO Robot SW

*Immortal Infected 7 Squad*
Squad Admin:
Squad Leader: [SGT]AAO Thanatos II7
Co-Squad Leader:
Squad Member:[SGT]AAO Powersurge II7
Squad Member:
Squad Member:
Squad Member:

*St. KNIGHT Squad*
Squad Admin:
Squad Leader: [SGT]AAO John SK
Co-Squad Leader:
Squad Member: [CPL]AAO Bubbles SK
Squad Member: [CPL]AAO Twins SK
Squad Member:
Squad Member:

*Echo Squad*
Squad Admin: [BG]AAO WtfJerky HQ
Squad Leader: [MSG]AAO Ambition E
Co-Squad Leader: [PFC]AAO ONExWING E
Squad Member: [SSG]AAO THESEUS E
Squad Member: [SGT]AAO Reaperr E
Squad Member: [SPC]AAO Jerky Jr E
Squad Member: [SGT]AAO LegWound E
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