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 What's the happs?

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Ar3P xDaNiiELx

Ar3P xDaNiiELx

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PostSubject: What's the happs?    Fri Oct 11, 2013 8:10 pm

Hey everyone, just quickly - yes I am on a new account, my stupid ass forgot my password for my old one, but if you don't know who this is - It's Daniiel Meaney, formerly known as Av3nger35/AAO Avenger E/AAO Ambition E/Ar3P XxSLayeRxX.
How is everyone going? What's been going on?
I just popped by to see how things were going on the forum... and well, yeah...
I hope that things are this way because Black Ops 2 has been one of 'those' games that dies in the ass, and with that happening all members are just falling off until Ghosts releases (LESS THAN A MONTH) But yeah, its a bit upsetting to see nothing on the forums for over a month... I mean sure, I'm not 'a part' of AAO anymore, but that doesn't mean anything - I'm trying to get my guys to work out an allegiance between Ar3P and AAO (If its approved by HQ)
Get active guys, I know there isn't much (gaming wise) to talk about at the moment, cause BO2 is dead, and Ghosts isnt quite here, and its sorta just in that 'old and boring' period of gaming... but I mean Bodi put a fucken load of effort into making this for you guys, and it isnt being used... there is a section for literally anything on your mind, NBA starts in about 2 weeks, and i dont follow or know anything about NFL or NHL, but i think they are on at the moment? Christmas is like 2 months away, Next Gen Consoles are coming, Just talk about anything!! Get up and about so that when Ghosts comes out you can just smash straight into it!
See you guys soon.. I miss you guys! king 
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AAO Dynasty HQ
AAO Dynasty HQ

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PostSubject: Re: What's the happs?    Tue Oct 15, 2013 11:19 am

I honestly think that people just dont use the computer very often... Idk what the issue is. I wish there was some wasy to put my website as an app for the xbox. People might actually use this if that were the case.


[GoA]AAO Dynasty HQ

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What's the happs?
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